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We’ve put our heart and soul into creating the best environment possible for students studying or doing their internship in Singapore. We’d love to do more and work with partners who care about their students’ holistic development. With our resources and experience in developing customised solutions, we’ll work with you to tackle your challenges, achieve your goals as well as recruit and retain students.

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The concept of residential housing being an integral part of the tertiary learning experience is in fact over 700 years old, with universities such as Oxford and Cambridge pioneering the concept during the 13th century. Today, top universities like Stanford and Harvard in the West, and the National University of Singapore in Asia, are pioneering modern “Living-Learning” residential college communities where learning is as important in the classroom as it is in-residence.

Subject to a minimum cohort number, Homestead Halls can customise a Living and Learning programme to complement the particular pedagogical needs of your institution.

If you’d like to find out more, please write to us at or call +65 9026 9234. We’d love to discuss how we can support your students’ accommodation and learning needs.

Education Agents

If you are a specialist education agent looking for assurance of a safe and secure Living and Learning environment for the students you send to study in Singapore, please write to us at or call +65 9026 9234.

Internships / Executive Training

With the advent of “lifelong learning”, more institutions are bringing in students or executives on short-term work/holiday programmes. Do get in touch if you require the right accommodation that provides a seamless connection from the work place to the living space.

Please write to us at or call +65 9026 9234.