Hall Activities


The Homestead Halls Programme aims to help you make the best of your life in Singapore. Our activities start from your very first day to settle you in and help you make friends, before enriching your journey by helping you achieve your academic goals, developing you as a whole person, and enabling you to become a global citizen. The following are some examples of activities and programmes you can choose to participate in as a member of our Hall community.

Movie Outing

Catch the latest blockbuster movie for free with your hall mates every month.

Study Nites

Get better grades in school through studying with your hall mates on weekday evenings.

Resident Advisor Programme

Enrich the lives of other residents as a senior resident during one term of your residency.

Pizza Party

Enjoy the company of your hall mates over good grub and music at least once a month.

Lantern Festival

Have great fun experiencing cultures from all over the world in themed social gatherings.

Mystery Breakfast

Spice up your mornings with a surprise change in our breakfast menu, introducing tasty Singaporean dishes.

Exam Preparation Workshop

Share your knowledge and experience while learning from others about topics that matter.

Newbie Programme

Be comforted in your first week in a foreign land with help from the Hall Office Team and Resident Advisors.


The list continues with photo contests, town hall meetings, English learning support, outings to exciting local events, and so on.

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